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Gifted Education Trust

Gifted Education Trust aims to empower children and youth to help them blossom their unique talents. A Gifted Education Program for the high mental ability students is the flagship program of the trust based on Renzuelli’s concept of Gifted Education. This specialized program is led by two psychologists Dr. Parnika Sharma and Dr. Mansi Gupta who are actively working in the area of gifted children since 2014 in various schools of Delhi/NCR, and Maj Gen (Dr)Sunil Chandra who is a dynamic result oriented professional who has served as Managing Director of Army Welfare Education Society that is associated with all Army Public Schools, Pre- Primary, Professional colleges, Training of teachers and Faculty development.

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To have the programme introduced in all the schools, so that the gifted children have learning opportunity to challenge them, to be creative and develop abilities to apply their knowledge for the benefit of the societies.

About us

Operating since 2014 in few public and government aided schools of Delhi /NCR, the Gifted Education Program pivots around children with above-average intelligence to help nurture their skills in an enriching environment, that stimulates and accelerates their creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills. It offers them needed push and opportunities by our mentors to support their higher level thinking, problem solving skills, divergent thinking which helps them apply whatever they learn to the real-life situation and create very unique gadgets with available materials in their environment.

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Objectives of the Program

To identify the gifted students and help them realize their potentials and their giftedness.

To use their creative potentials to find unique solutions to the encountered problems and issues.

To enable students to think and analyze issues and problems and work towards solving even difficult issues which maybe even slightly above their level.

To enable students to put into practice what they learn in theory.

To develop in students the ability to work together in a team, in different collaborative and cooperative ventures and develop leadership skills.

Build emotional resilience, time management and conflict friendly skills for happy life .


To nurture gifted children through a scientific system of identification, specialised program and advocacy.

Our Team

Maj. Gen. (Rtd.) Dr Sunil Chandra

Dr. Mansi Gupta

Dr. Parnika Sharma

Nitesh Kumar (AI, Robotics and IoT Educator)

Diya (Department of Education, Western Australia)

Ankit Verma (Mathematics Educator)

Services offered

Psychological assessment and testing

Profiling of the students based on a standardized IQ test, creativity test, emotional intelligence test, interest inventory, aptitude test, personality test, adjustment inventory.

Orientation/ Training for school leadership, teachers and counsellors

Specialized training program on early identification of gifted children, on pedagogy and rational of gifted education and strategies to assimilate gifted education in a school system

Gifted education program

A special program for children aged 9- 14 years of age who demonstrate outstanding levels of competence, reason and learning in one or more domain e.g mathematics, science, or language.

Project guidance and development

The most significant aspect of the annual planner of the gifted education program is the project work. The purpose is to inculcate a spirit of scientific inquiry and analytical thinking in the minds of the students.

Emotional workout session

Help them bloom their personalities based on scientifically based activities and exercises to help them balance their left brain and right brain and enhance their personality, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

Parents support group and workshops

To help parents understand the unique characteristics of their gifted children and to empower them with strategies to help them nurture the full potential of their children.

Counselling services

One on one counselling service for children and their parents.

Gifted Education Trust